Sunday, January 15, 2012

To the DRC, Zambia, and Zimbabwe


Tomorrow I leave for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), then on to Zambia, and finally to Zimbabwe. I've had friends and the members of Faith asking me over the past couple of days where I was going, what I was going to be doing, and if I was planning to write a blog again this time. Truth be told, I wasn't planning to keep a blog going this trip, but since a few have asked, I will. It also serves as a good notepad for writing my reports when I return.
So, I'll use this first entry to fill in the details of the where, what, and why of this trip. I will also provide an itinerary so you can be a bit more specific in your prayers (that are much appreciated). 
I'll get the itinerary out the way first.
  • 16 JAN - Depart from St Louis and fly to Washington, DC. (overnight in DC to save $400 on the next flight)
  • 17 JAN - Depart DC at 10:45 am (fly 7187 miles/13.5 hrs) to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • 18 JAN - Arrive Addis Ababa at 8:05 am (23 hr layover while I wait for Missionary Ude to arrive from Nigeria at 8:45 pm...hotel and meals provided by the airline due to extended layover)
  • 19 JAN - Depart Addis Ababa at 9:05 am (fly 1620 miles/4hrs)
  • Arrive in Lubumbashi, DRC at 12:25 pm
  • 19 JAN - greetings and meeting with the leaders of the ELCC and CCLC to get reacquainted and discuss the schedule and pastoral conference.
  • 20-21 JAN - visit area congregations of the ELCC and meet with the leaders to discuss plans
  • 22 JAN - visit area CCLC congregations and meet with leaders to discuss plans
  • 23 JAN - Pastoral Conference/Seminar with pastors of the ELCC and CCLC
    • Missionary Ude will lead a study of the Gospel of John
    • Pastor Ohlmann will lead a study titled: "God's Grace in His Choosing"
  • 23 JAN - late to Kasumbalesa near the Zambia border with CCLC
  • 24 JAN - visit CCLC Zambian congregations
  • 25 JAN - travel by bus or air to Lusaka, Zambia (546KM)
  • 26 JAN - Meet with Pastor Ibrahim and spend the day making arrangements for travel to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and working on the details for the pastoral training seminar.
  • 27 JAN - Evangelism work in and around Lusaka (hospital and university)
  • 28 JAN - Pastoral Training seminar and evening worship
  • 29 JAN - travel by bus to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (766KM)
  • 30-31 JAN - meet Pastor Liberty Atawa and the men he is working with. Spend the two days discussing Scripture as we work toward doctrinal agreement.
  • 1 FEB - depart Bulawayo at 2:30 pm on a flight to Johannesburg, South Africa
    • overnight in Johannesburg, SA
  • 2 FEB -  depart Johannesburg, SA (fly 2526 miles/5.5hrs) to Addis Ababa
  • 2 FEB - depart Addis Ababa (fly 2779 miles/6hrs) to arrive in Rome, Italy at 2:25 am (3 FEB)
  • 3 FEB - depart Rome at 3:25 am (fly 4495/10hrs) to Washington, DC
  • 3 FEB - arrive HOME at 1:42 pm!!!!
What follows is from the January 15th CLC Monthly Mission Newsletter. It gives a brief overview of the trip.
It has been the goal and practice of the CLC Board of Missions to maintain a regular schedule of personal visits to the various church bodies we are privileged to work with around the world. Missionary Matthew Ude lives and works primarily in India with the CLC-India and the BELC but part of his duties include annual visits to the West African country of Nigeria where he able to meet with the leaders and many of the pastors and seminary students of the Nigeria-CLC. Because of security concerns, he is unable to spend time at the NCLC headquarters in Efa but rather the leaders and pastors come to the large port city of Lagos for a pastoral conference. This works out well as leaders from our affiliate churches in Togo and Ghana are also able to attend this pastoral conference. Missionary Ude will be in Nigeria from January 9th-17th.

Following his visit to West Africa, Missionary Ude will meet the chairman of the CLC Board of Missions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) where he will be introduced as the visiting CLC missionary to the ELCC and CCLC. They will spend their time in the DRC visiting with the leaders of these two church bodies, visiting and preaching at congregations of the ELCC and CCLC, meeting with the joint translation committee, and teaching at a joint pastoral conference. The CCLC has been active conducting outreach over the Zambia border where new CCLC congregations have been established. The visitation team is looking forward to visiting these congregations to encourage them and the pastors with the truth of God’s saving word.  The visitors are also planning to see how the Lord has blessed the ELCC and CCLC over the past year and half since the last CLC visit as they have worked to put their differences behind them. As was reported, following the August, 2010 visit, three officers from each church body joyfully signed a resolution and agreed to forgive the sins of the past and work together for the glory of our Savior and for the expansion of God’s Kingdom in D.R. Congo.  You can read the history of our involvement in the DRC at:

After six days spent working with our brothers and sisters in Christ in the DRC the CLC visitation team will travel to Lusaka, Zambia to meet with Pastor Ibrahim Karioki who was trained at St. Peter Lutheran Seminary in Himo, Tanzania before responding to a call from friends in Zambia to establish a confessional Lutheran church where proclaiming the whole truth of God’s saving word is the priority. The time of visitation will be short but will allow an opportunity to visit the newly established congregations and meet with the evangelists that Pastor Ibrahim is currently training to be faithful shepherds.

Following the Zambia visit Missionary Ude and Pastor Ohlmann will travel by bus to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe to conduct the first face to face meetings with Pastor Apostle Liberty Atawa. A few days will be spent studying Scripture together as we strive to establish fellowship based on unity of doctrine. Please pray that the Lord will bless this time spent in His Word.

On February 2nd, the two CLC visitors will part ways in Bulawayo where Missionary Ude will then travel on to Chennai, India to resume his work and Pastor Ohlmann will return to St. Louis, MO.

In Christ,

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Raju Bhitrakoti HCLCN said...

We (The HCLCN) are fervently praying for you (Pastor Todd Ohlmann and Pastor Matthew Ude) and the CLC Mission works.

We also pray for your successful and safe trip to Africa.

Please say our warmest greetings to African Christian Brothers